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Hero Program – Government Authorized Funding

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Hero Program - Government Authorized Funding

A government (Congress + L.A. County) “energy/water savings” affordability program (PACE)…designed to make energy saving home improvements AFFORDABLE Designed for fast-over the phone…no paperwork 3-5 minute approvals (1-855-437-6411). Approvals are not credit based.  Approvals are “equity” based. Zero money down to your contractor…or anybody else!
Zero payments made to your contractor…never a penny!
Your contractor (us) is paid “only when your project is 100% COMPLETE”.
Your payments are “tax deductable”—making the program the closest thing to Free.  USE THE HERO PROGRAM + the REBATES— “TOGETHER”.
Call us 323-833-5245 and/or The Hero program at 1-855-437-6411 for more information and details
You can opt to do it the hard/expensive way (not tax deductable)—PAY CASH.
We of The Burks Company, Inc. do not earn one penny more by our customers opting to pay for their Drought Tolerant Landscape projects via the Hero Program.  In fact, when we are paid as we go under the CASH payment option, we do not have to finance the project until it is complete. We simply suggest the Hero Program because it really does not make much since for most people (98% of our customers) to opt to pay more and to pay up front…when they do not need to.